Elizabeth RoderickElizabeth Roderick grew up in the orchards of Eastern Washington, the daughter of a couple of hippie farmer intellectual musician types. She spent most of her childhood pretending she was Frodo Baggins and playing Richard Marx songs on the piano. Later in life, she discovered that playing music was a great way to get laid. Later YET in life, she discovered that playing music wasn’t a really GOOD way to get laid, after all. However, she stuck with the music thing, because she was never any good at video games.

She has played in such glorious outfits as the confused, anarcho-punk art/music travesty Dead Horse Headdress; the math rock band that didn’t add up Von Snorken; The Brian Marshall Band, favorite of beer-drinking, 80’s-rocking ladies everywhere; and the polygamous relationship in costume that is called Gary Reynolds and the Brides of Obscurity.

Elizabeth Roderick began recording her songs with whomever she could find. Luckily, the people she could find were really good musicians. This great musicianship, highlighted and underlined by the fantastic production and engineering skills of The Long Winters’ John Roderick and Eric Corson, turned what might possibly would have been yet another lump of overly-feminine indy-squalling into something quite epic.

Elizabeth Roderick also writes novels for young adults and adults. You can learn about those at